Pyramids of Giza

They are situated about 10 kms from Cairo, and comprise: The Great PyramidThe most famous structure in the world was built by King Cheops (IV Dynasty) around 2650 B.C., on an area of 13 feddans. Its height now is 137 ms (original height: 146 ms).The three Pyramids at GizaAlmost 2.5 million blocks See more details

Balloon Over Luxor

Luxor is the world’s greatest open - air museum, filled with the awe - inspiring monuments of ancient civilization. It contains nearly one third of the world’s antiquities.There is hardly a place in Luxor which has not a relic that reflects the greatness of the ancient Egyptians and their civili See more details

Sharm el-Sheikh

With its unique location in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, it is considered the strategic passageway, the meeting point between Asia and Africa, and the cradle of great civilizations. It is no wonder that the stories of heavenly religions that dawned on humanity can be eloquently narrated by the soil See more details

Alexandria's Markets

Alexandria is the largest port in Egypt and the greatest summer resort in the Middle East.It is located on the Mediterranean Sea north west of Delta, 225 Km2 from Cairo by agricultural road and 221 km2 by desert road. Named after Alexander the Macedonian who ordered its foundation in 332 B.C., on th See more details


It is situated on the eastern bank of the Nile 899 km south of Cairo. Aswan is considered the most beautiful winter resort not only in Egypt, but also in the whole world as it is distinguished by its fascinating nature and serenity far from the bustle of cities,and its warm weather which is characte See more details

Desert Safari

Egypt is famous for its deserts and mountains that offer an adventurous experience to most interested locals and a large number of tourists.Tourists are usually escorted by a tour guide who sets up a tent,a bonfire and arranges a couple of  bedouine activities that the tourists participate in,such See more details


Written By: Tharwat Abouraya

See the magic of the Pharaohs – AND the magic of modern Egypt!

…from the Sphinx who never speaks – to Tahrir Square where Egyptians spoke their minds for 18 days in 2011 and began forging a new future for their country.

The Egyptians who made the revolution are the same ones who protected the Egyptian Museum and the Alexandria Library – they will welcome you with open arms to share their country’s treasures, stories and culture.  Travelers have been safely traveling to and from Egypt before, during and after the revolution. Make your plans to come to Egypt now!

I have traveled around the world – seeing more details than the astronauts who travel at 28,000 mile per hour and at 200 miles above the earth: they saw the world from up above, but I walked; they saw forests and oceans, while I saw cities, villages and people.

There is an English or Italian proverb that says:

the traveler must have a falcon’s eyes to see everything,

a donkey’s ears to hear everything,

a pig’s mouth to eat anything,

a camel’s back to carry anything and

a goat’s legs to keep on walking –

PLUS a lot of patience!

Tharwat At Giza


The benefit of traveling is going away… experiencing and learning and then yearning to come home…to tell your friends, family and co-workers what you saw and how you saw it.

And if you ask me to drop everything I am doing now and travel around the world anew - the same routes, the same feelings of fearing the unknown, I won’t hesitate, because there is nothing more compelling than traveling and reliving memories of travel, and nothing more amazing than sharing your experiences with people eager to listen. is a window on my native Egypt. I am offering uncommon tours where you will experience a unique and unforgettable journey. You will also be able to design your own tour or select our recommend tours:

  • Visit the Pyramids of Giza with a photographer who can provide tips on the best locations and lighting for prize-winning photos
  • Experience The Royal Club of Mohammed Aly on a private island on the Nile in Cairo, which houses the country’s most important individual collections of memorabilia, much of it dating from the period of Egypt’s “liberal experiment” (1923-1936).  Learn about this period of the Egyptian history during a private tour with historian Maged Farag, Ph.D.
  • Walk around Tahrir/Freedom Square with a guide who can knowledgably  discuss all that happened – and is still happening there
  • Taste an Egyptian dinner in the company of a select small group of Egyptian women and men and be free to discuss current political events - including the January 25, 2011 Egyptian revolution and the country’s political future

Now you may be all excited about coming to Egypt – but you are still asking, is it safe? Please use this link to the Department of State for the most recent update – and then allow me to help you plan the perfect, personalized adventure for you.


On-the-ground Travel Expertise

Tarek AlyMy general-on-the-ground in Egypt is my close friend, Tarek Aly, a veteran tour operator in Cairo.
Tarek offers by far the best collection of Egyptologists and tour operators and the best deals in Egypt.
Tri-lingual; Arabic, Italian and English and known as the Egyptian Picasso.






Egyptian Travel Advisory Team

We have engaged a collection of the best and most trusted experts in their fields who are multi-lingual and have traveled or lived in the USA to be available to our travelers in the highly unlikely event of any emergency.  Their singular goal is your safety.  We will provide all our travelers with their private contact information.


Medical Emergency:  Dr. Adel Al Shazly

Renowned surgeon, Alexandria, Egypt

Tri-lingual Arabic, English and French

Adel would be able to locate and refer patients to the best physicians throughout Egypt.

American Embassy/Foreign Service Relations:  Khaled Hamouda, Ph.D

Khaled HamoudaFormer Dean of the College of Sport, University of Alexandria, National Team Handball Captain/Head Coach

Tri-lingual Arabic, English and French

Khaled would be able to facilitate communication with foreign governments and official personnel.

Government Logistics Facilitation:  Mr.  Yousry Abouraya, Retired Navy Captain

Egyptian Navy veteran/submarine Captain, Navigation instructor at the Egyptian Naval Academy and Headquarters – Chief of Navigation, Navy Seal and Rescue Operations

Bi-lingual Arabic/English

Through long relationships with peers in the armed forces, Yousry is able to facilitate emergency work with the government and security forces.


Why Visit Egypt?